So much fun

Solkarina and I had so much fun meeting new Reiki people last week. More about that later. It so exiting to meet new people from different countries. You realise how powerfull Reiki are and important to meet others to see their point of view of Reiki.

It does'nt matter what country you come from. We are more or less the same when it comes down to it. Each and eveyone are important and beautyfull in their own unique way. But still together we can help eachother. Get different point of views and be influenced with new ideas. In the "togetherness" you can be develop a knowledge and broaden your horizons.

I am so impressed by Solkarina who could stand when I fell a sleep at 22:30 at night, while she was quite awake until 02:00. We managed to do 16 episodes of the Reiki podcast Reikipodden. Reikipodden will now start at the podcast channels. I strongly recommend to listen on Reikipodden. It is quite educational, but of course it is on Swedish.

We also managed to do six Youtube films. Many exiting Reiki things are coming up soon. Anyway stay alert, be healthy and be the best version of you.

Lots of love

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